Breakbulk & Special Project Cargo

The Port of Sheet Harbour is a deep water port terminal located along the Atlantic Seaboard of Canada. With its capability to handle multiple configurations of breakbulk and special project cargo, this terminal is an ideal choice for your supply chain requirements.

Strategic Location

Sheet Harbour is uniquely positioned with excellent access to all major highway systems in Nova Scotia reaching all major industrial centres. Its close proximity to Highway 224 provides direct access to the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 374 reaches directly into Antigonish and Cape Breton. This strategic location means your cargo can be delivered anywhere in North America, by truck or vessel.

Site Specifics

Terminal specifications include a 152-metre wharf, with a minimum draft of 10 metres. This facility has the capability of handling vessels up to 214 metres (draft permitting). The terminal includes a MARSEC secured, 12-acre common user laydown area located directly adjacent to the wharf. Terminal equipment is available through common user stevedoring services.

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Capacity, cost, access to skilled labour, ground transportation and proximity to key industrial centres within Atlantic Canada make the Port of Sheet Harbour an attractive option for international exporters and importers.

For additional information on our services please contact Patrick Bohan, Director, Supply Chain Solutions, Halifax Port Authority via email or phone 902.426.8222.

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